More than 40 years before the first post box appeared on the streets of their native Milan, Bellasio and Pietro Castiglioni began making stationary for friends. It was 1872 and letter writing was not only at its most fashionable, it was still the most important means of communication. Word quickly spread about their exquisite writing paper and envelopes. Requests for their work extended beyond friends to business and then further afield, throughout Italy. The family businesses was born.


Castiglioni continued to meet demands with handmade writing paper and envelopes for some time, because quantities were relatively small. But, as soon as machinery evolved, the family saw the potential that could be satisfied with increased production and quickly invested in it. This lead to a rapid growth of the business and was an early example of a quality that has been a hallmark of Castiglioni ever since, a capacity to embrace change and a desire to improve the quality of what we do in whichever way we can.


The 1950’s brought the arrival of direct mail, a development that was to have the biggest impact on the business so far. Mass market selling through the post meant that envelopes would be used in a new way. As a selling vehicle. And, once again, Castiglioni saw the opportunity to respond. Having continued to purchase the latest and best equipment, and with a heritage no other manufacturer could match, Castiglioni was more than capable of meeting the unprecedented level of demand. Such was the company’s level of expertise by this point that anything the marketing teams could dream up, thanks to Castiglioni, they could fulfil. In other words, whatever a customer wanted, they got. And in that respect, nothing has changed.


It is a fact that, as big as it is today, Castiglioni remains a family business. The principles, which Bellasio and Pietro began with, are nowadays as strong as ever. Pride in our work and delight in pleasing our customers. That is not about to change, either.

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